Welcome To Apple Tree Farms


Our Chickens

Our little ladies form a colorful flock of White Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds. They roost in mobile coops at night and roam in the orchard rows by day. Moving the coops every day or two constantly gives our chickens diverse organic grass- never treated with herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. Their diet of grass, seeds and bugs is supplemented with our corn-free and soy-free organic feed from Modesto Milling.

Because like you, we are concerned for the future- the health of the next generation, the land on which we live and the animals we depend on to feed our bodies.

Our Land

The Jackson family has organically farmed their 160 acres since 2007, raising 5 kids in a hundred year old farm house on the banks of the King’s River in Kingsburg, California. Knowing organic fruit trees require hand-tending and the best care,  Farmer Rob saw the beauty and benefit of adding chickens to his orchards.

The fruit trees benefit from our bug-loving birds, who help protect them from the “bad” bugs and nourish and restore the ground with their manure. Under the orchards, our little ladies thrive on an all-you-can-eat buffet of diverse grasses, seeds and bugs. Our gals eat their greens! Simply, the way chickens are supposed to live.


Our Story

Ours is the story of two families joined together on the common ground of farming, family and faith. Together, with unwavering conviction, we raise chickens who create the most tasty, nutrient-dense eggs available for our families and yours. In a kind of parallel to the symbiotic relationship between chickens and orchards, the Brendle spartnered with the Jacksons, whose 160-acre farm, DayBreak Organics, provides the pasture for the Brendle’s chickens.

The Brendle family witnessed the Jacksons’ passion for excellence, quality, integrity and joined the endeavor of producing the best eggs on the planet. The Brendle’s six sons daily tend the chickens, truly making Apple Tree Farms a family affair. With dirt under their fingernails as well as smeared on their faces, we put our hearts and souls into each egg you find in your carton.